Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Unexplained is not unexplicable

I swear I put the key on the table. I cannot explain to myself where it has gone. Only a ghost could explain its disappearance. But then I realised that the cat had stolen it. The theory of evolution on the species has no good explanations for the existence of certain organisms or biological phenomena in nature, therefore the evolution theory is wrong or incomplete. But could we not find an explanation in five or ten years?

The absence of an argument supporting a statement does not imply that no such argument exists or will be found in the future. An unexplained phenomena does not mean that it is unexplicable.

Stick with the dogma that all phenomena have explanations, even if they are currently unexplained.

Write down 5 examples where an unexplained phenomena could be interpreted as an inexplicable event.


John MacIntyre said...

Great start to a blog Tom ... what ever happened to this? This is great stuff.

Tom Weidig said...

I dont have the time....